Cookies Policy

The use of cookies is common in the world of internet therefore , part of it , also use Cookies in order to improve and optimize the usability and user experience while browsing our site web .

We explain some things you should know about "Cookies".

What and how you use this site?

Cookies are small bits of text that the concerned website or application you use sends to your browser or device (phone , tablet or TV . Connected ) during his tour of the pages or the application in question , and which serve to store information about your visit, such as: maintain the shopping cart , obtain statistical data for web managers , store language, currency or font, device and other information necessary to ensure proper operation of the website and to optimize your browsing and experience.

Cookies are associated with an anonymous user , so their computer or device does not give any reference of your personal data . At any time , you can access the browser settings to modify or block Cookies Management , impossible without access to the content of interest, but with the disadvantage that the quality of service you can be impaired.

Users who fully carry out the registration process or start their session log data can enjoy services tailored to their preferences according to personal information that was provided in the initial registration and stored in the browser cookie .

Are they important ? , Are they necessary ?

Technically allow a more flexible and adapted to the tastes and preferences of the user operation, as it adapts to your experience. Also, establish levels of protection and security that prevent or hinder attacks on web or users. Also help administrators of the pages to know the different statistics collected in cookies to improve the quality and services.

Cookies are not required for the operation of the website , but it helps to provide better service and optimize the usability of our users .

Cookies ? Types in ?

Cookies session , when the user leaves the page or closes the browser , expire . Only active while visiting lasts anywhere.

Permanent cookies ; expire when they meet the purpose for which use or when manually deleted . The usual processes online purchase, to facilitate management to users, for example, remember the password .

Other Cookies.

Own Cookies. Sent to your device or equipment which are managed solely and exclusively by us to improve the operation of the Website , improve service quality and your experience with us .

Third Party Cookies . When browsing our website, to perform some actions such as RRSS , cookies can be stored , who will be away from our ability to act as belonging to third parties.

Browse this website means that you can install the following types of Cookies:


* Performance : Improve the experience of web browsing and optimizes performance. Stored configurations not reconfigure services in different views . - Volume of sound or video players .

- Optimal video transmission speeds .

- Store the " cart " .

* REGISTRATION : Produced in the registry and when you start session .

- Authenticated and thus maintains the session until disconnection or the end of this . - To access restricted.

* ANALYTICAL : They collect anonymous browsing information . Typical of Google Analytics. - Info that will help us better understand how they interact with our web site by users . Visitors , visits , duration, actions ...

* SOCIAL Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest , Youtube or Google +

- In , there are different buttons integrated social networks, which allow us to share content . These have their own RRSS Cookies.


Configure my Cookies. -

When you walk in, browse and stay in you are consenting to the use of cookies on the conditions of Cookies Policy . gives you access to the Policy Cookies when you register , so that the user is informed , and always without prejudice to can exercise the right to block , delete, and refuse the use of cookies at any times.